Monroe Bergdorf is a transgender model and activist as well as a vocal fighter and champion of her cause. After gaining acclaim for being the first trans L’Oreal model in the UK, she was infamously dropped by the brand for publicly speaking out about systematic oppression and racism. Here, Munroe chats about conflict, emotional labor, and feeding your senses.

NA How does conflict come into play in your work and your everyday life?
MB I’d say the main source of conflict in my work is usually when I’m having to explain things. I have to do that quite a lot to…

Supreme has mastered the art of creating — and maintaining — customer hype. By Megan, 20, Baltimore

Is Supreme fluid? Certainly their system of drops and the related fluctuations in value give the impression of a dynamic brand in motion. But is this culture of more, scarcity, and exclusion fluid? Megan Schaller talked to people waiting in line at the NYC-weekly drops to find out.

On a cold, wet Thursday morning in October, three of downtown
Manhattan’s busiest blocks are dotted with security guards in sets of two, monitoring an ever growing line of young men. The first among these teenagers…

The question of family-making is similarly fraught for Gen Zs who are facing increasing political, environmental, and economic precarity. by
Georgie, 20, New York City

Younger generations have begun to rightfully cast their doubts upon the traditional industries of marriage and family. Observing many of the older generations’ conventional marriages has instilled both conscious and unconscious beliefs that unions do not contribute to happiness, nor can they be deemed healthy. The question of family-making is similarly fraught for Gen Zs who are facing increasing political, environmental, and economic precarity. So we spoke to the owner and creator of the nation’s…

The boundaries of where we work and when we work have never been less defined.

Work and Life

With nearly a decade of running magazines under her belt, Elise By Olsen, current wunderkind editor-in-chief of Wallet, and her boyfriend, furniture designer Dozie Kanu, decamped from Oslo and New York, respectively, leaving the immediacy of their creative and professional communities for a small, pastoral suburb outside Lisbon. Now, the creative and accomplished couple maintain their flourishing careers from a warehouse space that they reconceived as a home and a studio, sleeping, living, and creating in the same room.

In our current climate of booming…

Buying second hand and vintage clothing is a far more sustainable option than shopping at most fast fashion retailers.

If you want to understand Gen Z and retail, look no further than Depop. We spoke to Bo and Eve Brearley, the sister-duo behind top Depop seller Past Trash, about the fluidity of influence, winning with Gen Z, and why going with your gut is usually the best strategy.

Irregular Report: Why did you decide to start selling on Depop? What is it about Depop that makes it so successful for you?

PAST TRASH: We stumbled across Depop in 2015 through…

How hacking can act as a moral guide.

As digital technology increasingly invades all aspects of our lives, opinions on privacy and security shift along with it. Who better to discuss the desires and demands of Gen Z in this fluctuating space than a teen hacker? …

When I found out I won, the crowd was cheering, and I knew they really supported me and were looking out for me.

Last spring in Indianapolis, then 17-year-old Alan Belmont made history when he became the nation’s first transgender prom king. If Belmont’s campaign seemed like a long shot — he ran for prom king in, of all places, the conservative Midwestern birthplace of Mike Pence — his win is the canary in the coal mine for the deeply gendered high school ritual, and the billion dollar industry that supports its binary traditions.

In between his freshman college classes…

When it comes to makeup, the binary is suffocating. By Zah, 22, New York City.

What is beauty? Consciously and subconsciously practiced, I believe raw,
true beauty is authentic, unapologetic, fluid, and genderless; free, limitless expression. If you live your truth, it inspires others to live theirs. The people I surround myself with and admire are truly themselves, ever-evolving and redefining the world. That is beautiful. Beauty is about embracing our “imperfections,” taking risks, being vulnerable, being inclusive, intersectional, and holding ourselves accountable.

However, commercially and socially, we are taught that beauty is rigid and binary. Fitting molds, self-hatred, being…

They are key learning tools for survival and education in other parts of the world. By Zuriel, 16, Los Angeles.

16-year-old Nigerian-American Zuriel Oduwole is a force. In addition to flying around the world to advocate for girls’ education (and meeting with 28 presidents!), she is first and foremost a filmmaker who uses her camera to drive social and political change. Very Gen Z of her. We asked Zuriel to talk about how mobile technology has the potential to tackle gender inequality and change the lives of millions of girls around the world.

From a young age, I believed my tears would invalidate my strength. By Tanya, 24, London.

Emotions (specifically rage, anger, and frustration) are messy and fluid but can they be a secret weapon for change? Gen Zs think so. They look to people like Serena Williams at the U.S. Open or the women outside Sen. Flake’s office during the Kavanaugh hearing. All of whom, rather than containing themselves, let their tears flow, and it had power. Youth activist Tanya Compas looks at how feelings fuel her political (and personal) resistance.

Tanya, you’re so strong,” is a phrase I have heard…

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